Inspiring women to learn new skills in a fun environment

Inspiring women to learn new skills in a fun environment

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Camberley WI Craft Weekend in Dorset – January 2017

At the end of January 2017, 16 of us headed to a converted barn in Dewlish, Dorset for the inaugural Camberley WI Craft Weekend.

Josephine had organised the weekend to perfection – fantastic accommodation, plenty of food and activities to suit all tastes. We all enjoyed the outside speaker with her “Romp through Knitting”, Alison & Judi experienced the delights of Dorchester while the rest of us split into two groups for a walk in the countryside. Then we got down to some serious (and not so serious) crafting.

There were workshops in Felting (Liz R), Tatting (Lin), Patchwork (Sylvia), Crochet (Melanie), Sewing (Josephine) and the hysterically funny Arm Knitting (Liz H), plus an impromptu session of Unweaving, led by Lin, at which Denise discovered a hitherto unknown skill!

Pam O and Sylvia got on really well with the arm knitting; Pam H’s crocheted tissue box grew substantially over the weekend, as did Lin’s tea cosy; Julia made a brooch that matched her jumper and Anne felted a flower straight onto her hat.

Quotes from the weekend:

Josephine: “I sacrificed one of my three She-Wees...”

Melanie: “My husband doesn’t understand that when I go to bed I want to sleep...”

Liz R: “I’m having difficulty getting my leg over.”


Helen leading the muddiest walk ever – we all came back several pounds heavier due to the mud on our boots.

Brenda swigging wine straight from the bottle.

Anne falling in love with farmer Pete and setting up a hot date with him for the following morning to visit his calves.

Helen mishearing “selvages” for “Selfridges”.

A very big THANK YOU to Josephine for organising it - we're all looking forward to next year now....

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