Inspiring women to learn new skills in a fun environment

Inspiring women to learn new skills in a fun environment

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Follow W.I. Lliam's travels round the world!

W.I.Lliam started life as a competition entry. He was knitted to a W.I. pattern for a W.I. competition to be held in a W.I. tent at a country show.  The 2012 summer being what it was that part of the show was rained off.

W.I.Lliam returned to Camberley and wondered what to do next.

Camberley W.I. took pity on him, made him a travelling bag and sent him round the world!

Where is W.I.Lliam now?

August 2017

W.I.Lliam has been enjoying his holiday in the Pyrenees - he deserved a pint after walking up a mountain, and then relaxed by a mountain lake.

January 2016

Just back from Cuba.  Most of my time was spent in bed!

December 2015

Now for a spot of motor racing.  Off to the Arab Emirates.




































































October 2015

Having got a taste for the USA I decided to go on a bit of a "Road Trip".  Starting in the deep south in New Orleans, I worked my way up through Memphis and Nashville.

You might have a bit of a 'Where's Wally' experience trying to find me in the photos, but I'm pretty sure I'm there in nearly all of them!

Starting in New Orleans with the paddle steamer on the Mississippi

New Orleans is non-stop party time, music around every corner.

Moving up from Louisiana to Mississippi we're in the cotton fields and houses straight out of Gone With The Wind This is the oak tree lined drive













Next stop, Tupelo, and Elvis's humble beginnings. This is the house he was born in


This statue says 'Elvis at 13" (that's when he moved to Memphis) stop ...Graceland












You want to look inside?   Here we go...........

Bit out of focus, see the next shot....

Elvis's living room













Elvis's Dining Room....


Elvis's Kitchen...












Elvis's TV room



Elvis's Pool Room













Elvis's 'Jungle' Room (I know!)






Some of the Elvis merchandise over the years









..and those costumes


But this is where it all began, in Sun Studios in Memphis, where Elvis made his first record and was 'discovered'













The Million Dollar Quartet, this photo was taken here in Sun Studios with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis and Johnny Cash


And here's me in the very same studio!











Off to the studio in Nashville Guitars don't come much bigger than this!  I'm in the Country Music Hall of Fame









So it's goodbye Nashville. Great trip!















" Well excuse me!  Some people seem to think bears hibernate.  Not me, I've just been hanging around waiting for an invite to go away again.  Thought I would start up again with a trip to the USA."

September 2015

Here I am in the Big Apple. The skyscrapers are tall here, aren't they?




Me in Times Square - so excited I lost my cap!












March 2014:

Just back from India (think I've been there before?)  Only two photos because I got Delhi Belly and had to lie down.



There's been a bit of a lull in holidays while I have been hobnobbing (i.e. sharing biscuits) with the stars

Here's me with Beca from the Bake Off, and see me on the front page of this website with Saint Mary Berry!



I'm certainly travelling!  Just back from Madagascar and Kenya! Caught up with a distant relation called Lemur, met a bunch of lovely little village children who took a shine to me.  Than to Kenya where I wasn't too keen to see hyenas and giraffes.  Might try somewhere closer to home next month.

Lake Como

Just back from a quick whiz round Lake Como.  No sign of George Clooney! Still, thought you might like to see me enjoying a Pina Colado and having a look at St Moritz.













Cruise holiday to St Petersburg

Yes I know I've been there before, but I fancied a cruise and who can resist a free holiday?  Here you will see me at the Sibelius monument in Helsinki, in St Petersburg, at the Town Hall in Estonia resting on the stone outside the oldest church in Gothenburg, at the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, and chatting to some females who I met previously - this time they brought all their friends!



Yes indeed, a little further north, or is it east?  Anyway it was very different in St Petersburg and Russia.  Take a look.

Peterhof Palace, St PetersburgCatherine Palace, Pushkin

'Oi! Leave me alone, I don't speak the language!'Transfiguration Church, Kizhi Islnd, Lake Onega

St Basil's Church, Red Square, MoscowSo many to choose from!I chose this one!


Back from that spot of sun I thought I should see a bit more of England. A clue to where I went? The Angel of the North. And you can't get much further north than Northumberland. Lots to see up there, but it was very cold for May.  Thought you might like to see me with Alnwick Castle in the background and with some sort of very large knight in the castle grounds.  There I met a Wizard who was giving broomstick lessons to prospective Harry Potters. Loved the Alnwick Gardens and all that water! Then on to Hadrian's Wall, to Lindisfarne and to the Farne Islands on a boat where I saw more puffins than I've ever seen before (not difficult as I've never seen a puffin). A quick dip of the paw into Scotland, and that was as far North as I wanted to go!




































































Felt in need of some r'n'r in the sun. It's been a long cold winter and I haven't been away for, oh, days.

A Greek Island was just what I needed so here I am in Zakynthos, just chilling...











The Thames

My latest adventure took me closer to home - cruising on the Thames on a 31ft Bayliner. So I didn't need my passport, or my sun cream (unfortunately!).

In bright, but chilly and windy conditions, we navigated numerous locks as we travelled from Chertsey to Bray Marina. I was glad that W.I. member Anita Bristow had made me my own special life jacket for the journey, otherwise I might have been tempted to stay in the cabin with my new friend, Dave, the ship's monkey. I tried my hand at a few knots, but clearly need more practice!
I was disappointed not to see the Queen at Windsor - surely they had told her I would be passing through?!
WILliam on the Thames WILliam on the Thames

WILliam on the Thames WILliam on the Thames

WILliam on the Thames WILliam on the Thames

WILliam on the Thames









Cambodia and Vietnam

On parade in Vietnam Hiding in a kumquat tree outside Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum

In the gardens of Vietnam's first university Rickshaw ride in Hanoi

In the caves in Ha Long Bay

Cruising on Ha Long Bay

Dragon boat on Perfume River in Hue, Vietnam On a lion outside the forbidden City in Hue




On a fierce dragon On a guardian of Tu Duc's tomb in Hue

Sunbathing with my new coolie hat in Nha Trang On an American tank from the Vietnam war

With Ho Chi Minh At the entrance to Angkor Thom temple

In the Angkor temple where Tomb Raider was filmed With a Buddha in Angkor Watt, Cambodia

Angkor Watt temples Riding on an elephant in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia












Canary Islands cruise

I’ve just had a great week cruising around the Canary Islands.  I’ve enjoyed walking around the pretty towns and countryside.  Although not sunny all the time the daytime temperature was between 21 – 27 degrees C, thus I’m finding it rather cold back in the snowy UK.


Adventures include a bridge tour, going up the cable car in Funchal, Madeira and whizzing down in a basket on skiis… The men just managed to control it and we didn’t crash J

The cabin crew made all sorts of creatures with the towels.  I enjoyed sipping cocktails in the piano bar.  In Tenerife I visited the Auditorio de Tenerife, unfortunately I didn’t have time to see a performance.  The palm tree leaves make great slides – wha-hoooo…



Just back from lovely sunny trip to New Zealand.  That was a long way to fly, but I survived!



Been off to India! Had a brilliant time...

Enjoyed a sightseeing flight over the Himalayas (Mount Everest is just to my left in the photo below), chilled with a refreshing drink overlooking the Boudhanath Stupa in Khatmandu, relaxed in my hotel in New Delhi with my marigold garland which was presented upon arrival, prepared for my sightseeing tour and met my new friend Rani - Rani is a bear who works for Wildlife SOS promoting the work they do to end the practice of dancing bears in India!

Himalaya flightRelaxing drink

My new friend RaniPreparing for sightseeing tour

Relaxing at the hotel in New Delhi

Just arrived back safely from my latest trip, which was to Anzere in Switzerland and thought you might like to see my holiday snaps.
I even managed to squeeze a run down a championship sledge course!
Well-earned drink!Delicious!
Championship Sledge Course!


St Lucia

lobster BBQdancing to steel bandGroupie!I'm feeling rather tired


I'll just have a lie down



Tasmania and Australia

Old Hobart Town Histiric Model VillageGiraffic Park Richmond Tasmania

Oldest Bridge in Australia - Richmond Bridge, Tasmania Leaving for Brisbane


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